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So what is "Hyperlong" exposure photography ? So to the seasoned photographers they will be very familiar with long exposure photography, the style of photograph that leaves such smooth water on those lakes and rivers, or those silky clouds. Typically this is a photograph taken over several seconds that removes all movement. On occasions you will see images lasting over one minute particularly for astrophotography. Hyperlong exposure however lasts well beyond seconds and minutes, it goes beyond hours and days. How about decades ? Ideally the minimum would be 50 years and the ultimate is closer to 100 years !
OK so we are not exactly comparing apples to apples, clearly over 100 years back it was well before the days of 35mm film never mind even the notion of digital cameras. But if we measure the time the original photographer started to take his image to the time I complete my image we are counting the period in decades.
Hyperlong photography is the merging of images taken in a bygone era with the image today, the "Past with the Present", looking at how much and also how little has changed.
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