So why pursue Hyperlong Exposure Photography ? For many years I trod the path of many a photographer, exploring the hills and valleys, searching the cities for the images recognized by many, there is such a great satisfaction in discovering you've got that wonderful image. But so have the thousands of other photographers who've trodden the same path. And I found there was always someone with an ever better image than mine. And I gradually realize the issue was not as much the lack of skill or understanding but a lack of full conviction in what I was doing. I liked it, I didn't love it. I needed to find that style that just resonated with me, and ultimately as in anything in life once you find that approach that truly connects with you then your ability will rise to the surface. 
I also got tired of listening to the same weekly YouTube videos on "seven tips on composition" or how to get the "sharpest of images", and to be a serious photographer you MUST have the right light.
And my images MUST tell a story ? I have to say the story I see in most landscape images is "I'm this beautiful location with no-one to share it with". Are photographers really so anti-social ?
Welcome to Hyperlong Exposure Photography , photography shot in regular daylight hours and surrounded by people. That's my story !
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